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Solutions for all your Power needs!
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We are a full service firm offering Power Solutions and unique components to industry.
Our Service
Technical specialists on staff to help you with any component or solution.
  1. Advice & Consulting
    We have years of experience in the Power Solutions area and can guide you to the right solution today!
  2. Purchasing
    Our goal is to place the right solution in your project the first time and fulfill your order needs quickly and efficiently using our experience and understanding of this industry.
  3. Account Maintenance
    We keep your component needs as our first priority ensuring your projects will be JIT everytime!
Off the shelf, Design, Deliver!
Our goal is to provide you with fast service for the components you need right now, at a great price model and exceptional delivery service. We can assist you with component design, manufacture and delivery of our core lines. Just contact us for more information.